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Hello, my name is vibrant_anteater and today I am here to discuss the Future of Work. Experts believe that in the future, working will fall into one or more of these 3 categories: Gig economy, Automation or Remote working.

Remote working means that all workers (or most workers ) will work from home. This could turn out to be a bad descision as people might not be able to afford laptops or their internet could be glitchy. It's also harder to concentrate at home as you can get easily distracted by your phone, the television or your surroundings. However, at work, you're a lot less likely to get distracted by those sorts of things. However, people could solve these problems by shutting themselves in a room ( like a study ) and removing anything for the room that might distract them like their phone or some sort of device. Working remotely could improve life for some people as they would save hundreds of pounds a month on things like petrol as you wouldn't need petrol if you worked from home.

Some people think that the pandemic has been a turning point for work as people who enjoy working in offices and socialising with one another now have to work from home on their own. However, some people think that the pandemic has been a positive affect on work as they are now saving more money and not having to stress in the morning about getting ready to leave for work. I think that the pandemic has sped up the process of remote working as a lot more people have started working from home rather than in an office due to covid-19.

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