The Future Of Work. My Final Piece.

Hi my name is remarkable_knowledge and this is my report and I hope you enjoy reading this.

Firstly, let's talk about the three predictions about the future of work. The Gig Economy: Doing multiple jobs at once, Automation: Robots taking over lower skilled jobs and Remote Working: working from home. Let's talk about Automation. Automation can do many things for example, Robots[human- like technology] can serve customers at restaurants. There are a few negative things about Automation because there are only a few jobs they work as since robots just arent humans. This means they can only work at factories or restaurants or others. Unless they are progammed to have feelings they would've been better.

Gig economy: Gig economy is when people have multiple jobs at once and have more flexibilty on there time. This means they have less hours on each job. For example, if there was a man who was a taxi driver, a delivery driver and a waiter then he would've had less hours since he had to work all those days. You would'nt be stressed but even if you have less time then I'm guessing that working will be harder. From all those jobs, you would most likelly to get paid only an average amount of pay even though you still have a lot of jobs, your hours of working counts too.

Remote Working: Remote Working is when you work from home.You normally use Zoom on your devices for meetings with lecturers or teachers or other people for work. Many people have started to work from home due to Covid-19 and we were all in lockdown so we the majority of the people were either home learning or using Zoom for meetings and plus if you thought you were going to just chill this lockdown well you thought wrong. This might be challenging for people since they might not be used to this.

In future we are going to have to use these skills listening, speaking, problem-solving and creativity. Listening to others ideas will help you and the enviroment. Speaking up will make you confident and great for ideas in future. Problem solving is good because you can think of more ideas.

I think creativity is the best skill because you have think to create an idea and you need to think to make things in life and in future.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Final Piece. Bye!

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