The Future Of Work, my final piece.

"Hello there. My name is Jeff Jefferson and today I will be interveiwing Carly Jefferson about the future of work."

"Hi I'm Carly. Firstly, there are 3 main predictions for the future of work including; Gig economy (doing multiple different jobs), Automation (using Artificial Intelligence to do easy, low skilled jobs) and Remote Working (working from home), which is what I'll be focusing on today.

In the future I predict that remote working could/will create a few different problems. Obviously the world couldn't just be run by remote working, but if everyone who could work from home (like office workers, teachers, video editors, etc...) did then people such as bus, train or taxi drivers would loose their jobs as such fewer people would be going into work. Secondly, not everyone even has the right equipment like computers and technology to work online. But there are some oppotunities like; It's clearly much safer to work from home as you completely stop the spread of COVID-19. Parents can look after their children easily and don't need to take them to daycares, nursery's or babysitters, and you don't need to get up in a hurry or rush to make the next bus.

I guess COVID-19 has introduced new aspects of work life that have been much easier for many people, and has helped people realise how dangerous life used to be when everyone was near each other and travelled lots. I think COVID-19 has definitely caused and started remote working and it's already extremely common and I predict it will stay like that for a while.

All skills are important. Workers have to listen to and respect their bosses, speak up about their ideas, solve problems without causing any other problems and be creative and contribute to their jobs. I think each and everyone of these skills are just as important as the other.

Thank you for listening,

Carly Jefferson.


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