The Future of Work - Final piece


Hello I am poetic_passionfruit and I am reporting from Roman Road about how the corona virus pandemic might affect the future and the way we work. There are three predicted changes for the future of work, these are - Remote working, Automation and The Gig economy. Remote working is when you work away from your origional work space for example at home like we have been doing throughout the corona virus pandemic. The gig econamy is a selection of short term contract working jobs such as taxi drivers. Finally, Automation. Automation is machinery and robotics taking over industries and many jobs espescially those online.

Each of these changes will create many problems and opportunities for the future. For the rest of this post I will be focusing on Automation as in my opinion, it is the most likly of the options to become a reality. I think this because the Gig economy is very good yet it is not very pratical for the future especially if social distancing mesures are still in place. And remote working has very obvious expectations and isn't the most enjoyable.

John, a specialist in machinery, said that “If automation does one day, become a reality, then over 20 million poeple will loose their jobs due to robots etc. taking over. But there is a positive, an estimated 50,000 news jobs will be available.” “Robots are not taking over our jobs, they are becoming our bosses,” he added. Many believe that automation will interfere with the way we act and see things as work may not even be seen as work. It may be seen as just another factory run by objects. Work also helps some in calming down and getting away from the family at times and it takes up much of our time so if we loose our jobs to robots then what will we do all the time? We will be less active and slightly bored.

Automation is already taking its toll as the robots and machinery that are being created are improving and becoming more intelligent which leaves a positive impact on the growth of robotics. Some people think that automation is/will be a major turning point for the future of work. The pandemic especially changed those views for the citizens as it's shown that smaller businesses might have a better impact on your area that the larger businesses getting lots of money daily. It's also given automation some advatages as while we were all at home, the husband could improve dome even think that the virus would be solved quicker with robots because they could monitor the streets or create a cure maybe and best of all, they can't catch the desire themselves but again it wouldn't stop the spread.

These amazing robots take much skill to create but, what skills to they need? Everyone needs to be able to listen to others and not necessarily speak back (for medical reasons) but to take it in and use advise throughout your work. Creativity is also very important skills when working. It links to problem solving a lot as if you are in the state of Natasha, who owns a cafe here in Roman Road, and you are extending your workspace but, you have to close. What do you then do? To solve that you need problem solving skills and creativity to find a way to brighten every thing up so the look of you workspace is more welcoming to customers. Therefore automation is a very important change that could happen to us in the future.

Thank you for reading my post! poetic_passionfruit

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    17 Dec 2020

    Well done for putting a focus at the start on the Roman Road film from one of our sessions!

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