The Future Of Work (Final Piece)

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Hello, I'm encouraging_literature and I am going to tell you about the future of work.

These are the three predictions for the future of work gig economy, remote working and automation. The 1st prediction is the gig economy. It's when people will work for themselves or a range of employers and get paid for multiple jobs (or gigs) rather than having one full-time job with an annual salary. The next prediction is automation. It's basically technology like machines, robots or artificial intelligence we predict that they will replace jobs done by people. The last prediction is remote working. Remote working is when people use technology and online platforms to do their jobs from wherever they want (what most people are doing now).


The reason I chose automation as I think that it will be the most changed out of the others (gig economy, remote working) because I don't think that the gig economy will grow as most people only want to focus on one job. I also don't think remote working will grow as a lot of people like using tech as they find it hard to use. Some they can't work at home perhaps their wifi is not working or they don't have the right things. Some are not able to work at home because you can't do it online (doctors, hairdressers, dentists) and some people just prefer being at work. So that leaves automation I think that it will probably be in the future of work the reason I think this is because right now in the world people have already started with easier things like machines in factories and supermarkets and in China they have added robots in restaurants! I think that this is the first step of automation and us humans will make more things in the future.

As I said before automation is when technology replaces humans (kind of). We won't really let them replace all jobs such as doctors, dentists, care workers. Although we expect to replace them in low-skilled jobs such as waiters, delivery, cashiers (which some countries have already done so). This will also make changes for people there are opportunities and problems in this prediction.

This predicted change could create problems such as people will lose their jobs as we predict that technology will do some jobs that humans do instead so we don't have to work. However people need to work to earn money to buy food and pay the bills, another reason is if tech replaces humans than the manager will have nothing to do as the robots are programmed to do it themselves. On the other hand, there are opportunities for people because they can see their family and kids you will have more time to go outside for example shopping, cinema and the park. Some people also have free time by themself so they could relax without having to work.

The reason why the pandemic is a turning point for work is that people have not been able to to work in their workplaces and they have not been able to earn money to buy food, pay bills, buys clothing, etc. Some are still working to earn money but it is dangerous as you might have covid and you could come home giving it to your family, and this has stressed people, but they have to earn money. Some businesses have not been able to make money as they are closed down but some are busier than ever. The pandemic has made automation has sped up and its happing more as now we have to stay home and some people can't work so we are making tech that can do it for us.

Listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity are really important things in work because we need to speak and share ideas, we need to listen to ideas other people have, we need to problem solve because if there is a problem you need to figure out what you need to do and you need to be creative in your work. I think being creative is important as you can't just have a boring idea with no creativity in it as nobody is going to listen but if you have a creative idea everyone would want to listen.

So this is what I think about the future of work hope you enjoyed this bye!

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