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Hello I’m shining_forets and I will be doing a report on remote working and how covid19 has affected it and what could possibly go wrong in future situations.

Some places have seized the pandemic as an opportunity to improve their business‘s and be ready for similar occasions in the future to prevent the spread.But unfortunately many people are stuck with lots of problems . They are facing both technical and WI-FI issues. But this is the future change because more and more people will decide they are safer at home but might end up slacking. If people have a quiet place to work like an office at home it is much better. This change could help people concentrate more in the futur.

Some people might think that this turning point in work could encourage people to come back to work after the pandemic because they’ve been cooped up at home , but it will speed up most people’s work because when they have done they can sit and lounge.

Creativity,listening,speaking and problem solving are all key features of work because when they go back to work listening will improve the work place,when you speak for yourself your improving your confidence, problem solving and creativity can keep your business running.

Thats all from me today good bye and have a good day.

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