The Future of Work

“The pandemic has definitely been a turning point for work. But how do we predict what impact it might have on the future of work?”

The Coronavirus has definitely been a turning point for the future of work and our everyday lives. It has brought problems and opportunities for ways of working like the gig economy, remote working and automation.

Gig Economy:

The gig economy has been a big turning point because people will either have multiple jobs or work for themselves. For example they could be a cleaner and a teacher and work at different times.

Remote Working

People will use zoom to help them work from wherever they want such as at home or in a cafe.


The definition of automation is that technology will take over people's jobs such as a waiter or a waitress or shopkeeper.

Good day I see you have been catching up with the daily news. Today I will be talking about Remote Working and if it is an opportunity or a problem. Because people have been working from home and on a computer, your electricity bill will become higher than before. However, remote working will mean you will have more free time because you won’t be getting on public transport. This is an opportunity for people like teachers because you will be able to get more done while you are in your house on a computer. A problem however is that you aren’t interacting with other humans because you won’t be going outside as much as you used to. In lockdown, cars, which pollute the air, haven’t been used as much because no one will be going anywhere for their holidays. This is really good for the environment.

Children have also been remote working because we haven’t been allowed to go to school. But does this mean we are getting the same amount of education as we used to? This has also impacted on people (including adults) because if you play musical instruments you are probably doing your lessons online. For some people this might mean that they think it is easier to do it in person with their music teacher.

This has been a problem for restaurants and cafes because they haven’t been allowing people into their shops. However, they have been really creative because they have been using companies like deliveroo to get their food wherever their customers want.

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