The future of work.

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Hello, im Talented_mode here this report is about the future of work the 3 predicted things are gig the gig econonmy, remote working and automation and in this report we are going to be talking about automation.

in the future this will make problems of getting rid of most jobs due to the robots but it will open way more jobs then it will remove. The people that jobs are effected might be abled to work in the same bussiness but just as a different job .#

Some people think that covid-19 will be a massive turning point for work because of 100s of 1000s people working from home. It will also slow down automation drastically becausue the mass of people working from home

Automation will be better for the future of work because its way faster and safer for workers and will add more jobs like a robot builder, controller, designer and a fixer it will be 100x times better then human workers.

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