The Future of Work

“The pandemic has definitely been a turning point for work. But how do we predict what impact it might have on the future of work?”

Good evening and here is our news for today.

The pandemic has brought changes to Great Britain in our everyday life, how we live and how we work. We have had to use remote working to interact with other people as we can’t socialise unless we live with them. Remote working has been a great help for people because you don’t have to commute, instead you work from home so you can have more free time with your family. However, many people can’t do their jobs virtually jobs like, cafe owners and staff, cashiers and other jobs like that.

There have been positives and negatives such as the air pollution has decreased because nobody is going to work so cars aren’t on the roads. A negative is that not many people were going out and having fresh air. The electricity bill has been noticed to go up due to workers using their electrical devices because of working from home and doing your work on the computer. 4 out of 10 people in the UK were working from home in April 2020.

The gig economy is when people work for themselves or they have a multiple number of jobs such as, one day you are a taxi driver another you are a cashier and another you are a shop owner. It will improve your flexibility when ending and beginning a new job and with childcare too.

Now we move onto automation. Automation is when robots or AI [aka, artificial intelligence] replaces a low skilled job like a waiter or cashier. It must be easier for shop owners because they don’t have to pay a robot, do they? Because this has never been done before, it will enhance the future of work changing technology forever.

In my opinion the skill problem solving is a good skill during this pandemic because you need to be able to adapt your business during rough times. I also think creativity is a good skill that cafe owner, Natasha, used. She was struggling massively but she used her creativity to take a risk and take a part of the closed shop next door to make it into part of her cafe. Now she has more room in her cafe to spread out the customers in her shop.

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