The Future of Work

“The pandemic has definitely been a turning point for work. But how do we predict what impact it might have on the future of work?”

The pandemic has brought a huge impact to the way people work. I will be talking about three areas in this report.

The gig economy is when someone has multiple jobs for example a woman could be working in a school and be a maid or a cleaner

Remote working means people will work from any place with an online platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even Google Classroom if you are a kid like me in lockdown. I used to do remote work all the time to do my homework but I call it remote learning since I leant from my teachers

Last but not least is automation, which we will be discussing later on. It is not a surprise to us people because they even mighty take my job as a news reporter because what automation means is a working machine taking over a human job for example back in the days they used to make toothpaste by HAND but now we make toothpaste with machines in a factory, which is quicker and cheaper.

There are problems and opportunities with automation things like….


You could be less jobs for people

Robots might malfunction whilst doing the job


More time to spend with your friends and family

Employers do not have to pay a machine so they save money.

And that is it for today from BNC News we are on to the weather with Andy.

See you tomorrow at 10 o clock.

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