The future of work

Hello my name is bright_independence and I today I will be talking about how working has changed in the last few months because most of the population in England were told to work from home which means they had to work remotely .

The three predicted changes that are mostly going to happen in the future of work are gig economy , remote working and automation.

The prediction that I will be talking about is remote working . Remote working is when people are told to work from home on an electrical device , when they are working from home they have the ability to sit anywhere they want whether it is in their house or at their grandparents house .

This prediction may cause problems for the working industry because some people may not be able to work from home because their job has to be connect with people in person just like Natasha the cafe owner she could not work from home so instead she considered doing a major renovation , which put not only the risk that she could lose the cafe but when she eventually is allowed to reopen the renovation may not be finished .

People may be able to overcome these problems by opening a takeaway service or they could create a zoom call where they teach people how to make cafe food or cafe coffee just like baristas do.

This prediction may create opportunities in the future because people could create their own online business so that they will still make money and their customers will still be able to buy non essential items because they will arrive at their house via post.

People think the pandemic is a massive turning point for the work industry because nurses and doctors have not stopped working , peoples jobs are at risk and some jobs may not reopen at all.

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