The Future of Work.

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Hi, im courageous_ocean! This report will be about The Future Of Work and turning points of remote working. Remote working is basically were you work from the comfort of your own house, with a laptop or a phone and communicating via facetime or text.

People might not have enough money to buy a laptop or computer and therfore they wont be able to work and they won't get any money to pay bills or buy food.

I agree it is nice to stay at home with your family but it would be better talking to your colleagues in your work or in your office, but obviously because of this pandemic we can unfortunately do that, its better then being on a laggy video call.

The pandemic is affecting how everyone works, from teachers to shop owners, and people who work in offices have to work at home.

The skills listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity are key for remote workers.

Listening, if your boss is talking during a meeting and the call is quite laggy you will have to listen very carefully to what they are saying.

Speaking, your bosses dont just expect you to sit there and pretend to listen, they need you to take part and actually work!

Problem solving, say if your wifi is bad or your getting a new wifi box you will miss a meeting so you have to solve that problem quickly.

Creativity, there is some ways how you can present a slideshow with google meet or whatever you use to do a meeting.

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