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Welcome to Burnet news, I am triumphant tomato and today we are talking about the future of work. Since the pandemic began 750,000 people have lost their jobs. Most people who have lost their jobs are from the gig economy because they are unable to work. Remote workers have lost the least jobs because they are able to work from home this has had huge impacts on mental health. Today we will be looking at automation and how it’s affecting workers and owners.

Today we will be looking at the cake factory the owner George decided to update his Factory’s in April. This leads to loss of jobs this has caused lots of problems for the workers as well as opportunity’s .George said this was because” We had to be closed for months and we were losing money in the end it was much cheaper to get a robot with fewer people we earnt more money and business was profiting. “Lots of people have turned this into opportunity’ for example Heather a former worker there designed her own business and has made a fortune with her successful business knit knit knit a company that sells kits to knit cute items hers her opinion “After I lost my job I decided to try something new when the pandemic started there was a high demand for craft kits because people were stuck at home I turned this into an business and if I had continued working there I would not have found my dream profession. “Not all people have been successful as Heather, David worked for the factory for 15 years he has four kids and is a single parent says “its been really hard I can’t find any jobs because places are not hiring at the moment I was in shock when the government was going to cancel school meals because my kids need to have them because I have lost my job and I am really finding hard to cope.”

Now Georges factory has machines it means that the factory produces more cakes that can be sold which creates more profit. The factory now only needs a few people to work the machines this is a turning point for work because before the pandemic he had lots of workers now the factory has updated it takes away peoples jobs because they are low skill .This is means that there will less and less factory workers because in factory’s like George’s their jobs have been nearly eliminated .

I was look nearer the future skills like listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity are going be important because we are in a pandemic so bosses will be looking for people with these skills to decide who they want to keep because they are losing money .Also people want to hire someone creative like Heather because she turned a hard time and ending up making a profit business’s at the moment want someone to come up with good ideas to help them survive and maybe even thrive through the pandemic .Problem solving is important because people need help making a profit so they need someone who is good at problem solving.

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