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Hi, my name is Miss Blackberry and today I am going to tell you about what the future of work is looking like. Three predicted changes are the gig economy, remote working and automation. Today I will be explaining about remote working.

In the future, remote working might create problems. Factories will have to deal with many problems in particular. This is because places like factories are essential to work in person. This is because there is lots of machinery that need to be operated manually. However, some people such as office workers will be able to adapt to remote working much easier. This is because they can host meeting via Zoom or other platforms. It is also not essential for office workers to be there in person as they do most things on a computer. This could create opportunities for some companies.

Some people think that the pandemic is a turning point for work because it means that companies have to divert to remote working. This means that many businesses will struggle, but many will thrive. Remote working is already happening as many offices are making their employees work from home. This is working for some people but not for others such as factory workers.

Remote working is an important skill for workers to have because it means that companies have flexibility in where their workers can work. This is essential for the future of work because, for example, if you need to isolate, you will be able to work from home easily.

Thank you for listening! Good luck for the future!

-Miss Blackberry

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