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Hello I am jolly_olive reporting to you on how the pandemic may change work. There are three predicted futures for work, the gig economy, remote working and automation. I will be focusing on remote working, it is when instead of working from the office you work from home.

The problems are it could make people who don't have families feel sad being alone at home. It is also less efficient than working from the office. The ways to stop this would be to make people work some days at the office and some days at home. The positives are that it makes it easier to manage your home life and your work. It also saves time because there is no commute to work.

The pandemic is a turning point in work because it made us realise there were more ways to work. The pandemic will most likely speed up the rise of remote working because now if you can you have to.

The skills needed for the future of work are, listning so you properly understand the situation, speaking so people know what you think, problem solving to find the best out of a bad situation and creativity to keep your ideas fresh.

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