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Hello , my name is composed_pie and today I'm going to be talking about the future of work and how the pandemic has made an impact on many jobs around the world .

Since the pandemic started things haven't been the same , many people have lost their jobs and others have been low on salary .

There are three predicted changes for the future of work ( gig economy , remote working and automation ) but were only going to focus on one of them for now which is automation .

Automation is the creation of machines and robots which do tasks that were performed by humans previously to produce and deliver things with minimal human contact . It is used numerous times a day when you may not even notice , for example your dishwasher washes your dishes automatically so you don't have to do any work where as many years back people would have to wash dishes by hand which you can still do but if you don't want to , a dishwasher can do it for you .

However this might affect us slightly in the future because if people suddenly realise you can access machines at any time and get the job done quicker they may stop hiring workers and use mechanical machines in stead which would then make it harder for people to find jobs .

But there is a bright side to everything automation provides opportunities to improve the things we humans have done in the past and robots are capable of other things we're not . Plus in a time like this machines will have a less human-to-human communication which will help the virus to spread less .

Programming is a very important skill to have when it comes to automation because humans are the ones who are in control of what the machine does and it can't move or complete tasks if it hasn't been programmed to move or do so .

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