The future of work

I am Magnificent_argument and this post will be my final piece about the future of work.

there are three predicted changes about the future of work, one the gig economy where the person who is doing the job is their own boss their working the job by themselves like; taxi drivers electricians plumbers painters cleaners photographers artists and more. There's also ,two remote workers these are the people who work in a business from home .E.G, accountants marketers and since the pandemic any job that's office based can work from home. And finally automation it is where some simple jobs can be replaced by robots like shopkeepers but essential jobs such as doctors wouldn't change. I will focus on remote working.

This certain category could create problems with lagging in zoom calls your children could interrupt you and it could be hard to multitask. However this can solve problem, not having to pay for child minders and not having to pay for petrol. Remote working can have opportunity's, like having your own surronding and feeling comfortable catching up with home life not having to waste time driving to work

Some people think the pandemic is a turning point because it had a massive impact on the way we work right now (15/12/2020) we can no longer work in big business blocks we can't have to many people in our houses we have to social distance nothing is the same and some have to close some have to work from home. I think the pandemic will increase the use of remote working as it is already growing popular in some businesses and this might continue after the pandemic in some cases.

these skills (creativity, problem solving, speaking and listening) can good for work creativity can come up with new ideas and make work easier problem solving can get rid of problems and let your work step forwards and speaking and listening can create clear communication. These can also be used to help the future of work creativity can find ways around things problem solving can get rid of the things in your way stopping you progressing and speaking and listening for as work goes on you'll start to discuss matters and how to solve them not just say do it. And these all can be useful to the future of work.

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