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Hello, I am protective_dusk and I am here to talk about what so far has probably impacted people the most during this particular time-work. I am here to discuss the future of work. Experts are suggesting that the future of work will fall under three categories: The gig economy, remote working and automation, Today, I am going to focus on one of these categories, and the one that I think I should talk about is remote working. In my opinion, I think this one has had the biggest impact on the pandemic. Remote working is doing work, or running a business at home.

This predicted change can create problems, but at the same time it can create opportunities as well. First, I am going to discuss the problems of remote working. So first, people need to go out to work because they need to experience some of the air and the outdoors. If you were remote working, you wouldn't get that opportunity because you would just be facing a screen for pretty much the whole day ( It depends on how long you work for, as some people work for longer than others.) Also, if you had an important meeting online, and you went on to your electronic device only to find out that the internet had gone, or the battery was dead, that would be a problem because you would not be able to join that meeting because of internet problems. Another reason why is because some situations you need to discuss face-to-face with someone. This might be because you might not have the confidence to say something, and you need to get out, and find one of your best work colleagues to discuss the problem with them privately. If you were remote working, that would be difficult because you might not know their phone number, and if you go on a call with them, there might be more then one person on the call. Besides, it is nice to interact with people ( Even if we can not do it at this particular time.) Now, it is time to talk about some of the opportunities remote working might provide. One of the best things about remote working is you get more time to spend with your friends and family. This is also nice for your children ( If you have them) because if you worked long shifts, and you came home at about 9:oopm, your children would probably be in bed fast asleep, therefore they would not be able to see you for most of the day, whilst if you were remote working, it would give you the opportunitie to interact with them more, and you would get more time to spend with your favourite people. Another reason why it is good is because you do not have to spend money on travel, or on petrol. This would be good for the enviroment because at the moment, we are polluting our atmosphere more and more, and at the moment, all we need to do is stop that and the pandemic. Also, you do not need to get up as early in the morning- you would enjoy that if you were a late napper! Your work would also give you allounces. If you were going to work at home, you would use up more electricity and more toilet paper. Because of this, they would give you some money to pay for these extra things you are doing.

Now, this hard time is difficult for all of us, and for the future of work. Some people think the pandemic is a turning point for work because people have started to work from home, and more and more people's jobs have been lost. More and more businesses have started to go online, and that would be bad for the internet because it would not be able to cope with it. This would not be good because citizens would not be able to do their online work.

Finally, to do work you need to have some of these skills: Listening, speaking, creativity and problem solving. These skills are important for workers to have because it helps them what they want to do, and it helps them to achieve, and to get the job done. In my opinion, I think all of these skills are important because they all have their purposes and uses in work. Listening is a good skill because you need to know what you are doing, and to do that, you need to listen to get it done quickly and correctly. Speaking has it purpose in work because you need to stand up for yourself, and discuss ideas. Also, you need to have the confidence to say your rights, and your wrongs. Problem solving is a great one for workers to have because you need to find out the equations and answers to complicated tasks. And last but not least creativity. For this skill, you need to have the mind and the imagination to think of new and creative ideas. ( Everbody has the imagination to think of new idea.) I personally think that creativity is the best skill to have because it is a skill everybody has in them, and that one skill could really change the world forever.

I hope you enjoyed my final piece on the future of work!

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