The Future of Work

Hello my name is reliable_cello and I will tell you about The Future of Work

The predicted changes for the future of work are:

the gig economy

remote work


The predicted change I will be talking about is automation.

Automation may be a disadvantage because it will take peoples jobs and leave them with nothing to do which is extremely unfair because while their sitting there not knowing what to do, big robot / AI manufacturers are earning millions by the second. Also, if the robots/ AI makes one mistake it could lead into a crisis and could even go into llegal action. The advantage to having robots/AI doing things is no-one will have to work tirelessly and may even end slavery all around the world!

The pandemic might be a turing point for work because everyone is having to isolate and lockdowns are being thrown left, right and centre which does not give a chance for people who have to work face-to-face.

The pandemic might affect automation because it can slow down making robots/ AI in COVID may make it more difficult because to manufacture you need to be at the factory getting dirty.

Listening: listening will be important to hear the news and see if your job can continue.

Speaking: speaking is important because you can make people have a different view on their decisions.

Problem Solving: this would be useful to see what is true and to call out what is not.

Creativity: this would be useful because you can see what can be done and tell people so they can know as well.

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