The Future of work

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Hello my name is katie and i work for the weekly news.I'm going to write a report about the probloms of work and to help the issues that people have for doing work.

Effect of Pandemic

The affects are not good at the moment because of covid-19 and people are complaining about working home and not connecting to see family and friends Also to go to work.

Predict Change

Good: Remot Working

  • no commute
  • enviroment
  • see family and friends
  • save money


  • feel isulated
  • not creative
  • not congrat each other
  • feeling very lonely

Future of Skills needed for Work

In the future we need excellent skill for work and different oppurtinity's to help us work better and easier for example:

  • face to face but wearing masks
  • being careful
  • wearing gloves if neccesery
  • keeping a distance
  • not touching someone else touched
  • spray before using
  • washing your hands [ alot]

More Detail about Future Work

we need help fast because more and more people are losing there work and robots are taking over the jobs that we humans do so we need to find a way to stop it from spreading until there is no more jobs for humans to do and robots take over our lives and no one can help our familys by getting money for the jobs they do.


p.s. if the people who make robots and well probaly turn against us we need to shut thwem down fast and try to never make robots again.

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