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Hello my name is Jessie and I work for the Economist. This piece is about the future of work specifically remote working; that means working from home.

Over the course of covid 19 we have learnt that some of us can work from home. Some say it was a challenge; however some prefer it. Now we know we can work from home this could have an impact on the future of the way we work.

Pros and cons of working from home


  • we don’t have to travel as much which helps to save fossil fuel and is better for the environment,
  • You have more time to see your family,
  • and you would feel comfortable in your own surroundings.


  • It is bad for your eyes looking at a screen all day for meetings,
  • you might have distractions such as children or pets,
  • you won't be able to read people's body language which can make business harder and less effective,
  • and you can get depressed because you are not socialising if you live on your own.

I think that if we do start to convert jobs to remote working, we will need the skills of understanding technology, concentrating and developing discipline.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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