The future of work.

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Hello I am Asmita and I work for the Economist. I am here today to discuss with you the future of work and specifically about remote working; remote working is working at home in your own surroundings.

As Covid19 has occurred, many people now have to work at home but some people were unlucky and were made redundent. This affected the media immensely. For the people who were made redundent, they were scavenging with"HELP WANTED" signs while the remaining workers got piles and piles of more work thrown on them.

The Pros and Cons of remote working:


  • see family more often
  • work more hours
  • you get to stay in your pajamas
  • getting more exercise
  • saving the envionment by not driving the car to work
  • go on walks


  • techonology faliure
  • never coming out of room
  • your boss could take advantage of you at home and make you work at e.g 6:00pm- 3:00 am
  • people becoming solemn and depresed from being alone at home , unless they have a pet or baby to accompany them
  • your dog might bark when you in a zoom meeting or your baby might cry
  • the door might ring when you in a call

When surveying the public about whether they would have liked to be asked to stay at home or go to work, 89% said that they would have liked to be given the choice to continue to work at home.

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