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Hello my name is Sophie and I write for the Sunday Times ; Today I will be reporting about how work has changed during lockdown. This piece will be about the future of work. Working has changed dramatically throughout COVID and I am going to explain the three things that have changed the most, gig economy, remote working and automation.


Gig economy is when you have more than one job but sometimes you have to do them at the same time you have a zero hour contract and it can be difficult because your job could call you at any time and say they need you even if your are in the middle of another job or you could be getting ready to go to your job and they could just cancel and say they dont need you.


Remote Working Is when you have to work from home and also do your calls online. 89% of people want to keep working at home. I predict that remote working is both good and bad in different ways.


  • good for the environment since your not driving to work [ because vehicles give off fossile fuels ]
  • less chance of catching COVID
  • your seeing your family more
  • good for wellbeing


  • you could get deppressed if your not socialising with others
  • you are less creative as your not sharing your ideas
  • it is bad for your eyes since your looking at the screen constantly


Automation is when robots are taking over our jobs. At the moment scientists are trying to create robots that can take over peoples jobs ; they're also trying to make robots that show emotion. These are a few reasons why it could be a good or a bad idea to let robots take over our jobs.


  • they cant get ill
  • they dont have to be paid
  • they are smart


  • they could have a malfunction
  • they dont show emotions
  • they use a lot of electricity
  • they could blow up

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