The Future Of Work

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Hello,my name is candid_duck and I will be talking about the future of work. Gig economy, remote working and automation are what the future of work are predicted after this global pandemic has finished. Today I will be focusing on remote working. Remote working is were you do your job on a computer or a device at home becuase you can not go into work. When working from home you might use apps such as zoom or microsoft teams.

Remote working can cause some problems in the future such as your mentel health and well being can be affected by not going to work. Another problem could be that you don't get as much social life like being out in nature, seeing your friends and family and much more.

Although, remote working can cause problems it can also give opportunitys. Opportunitys are you can spend more time with your family or you might get more time to work because going to work you might not get very long work time.

The pandemic is a turning point for work because lots of people are getting furloughed and lossing jobs. Some companies are losing ots of money not being at work. Remote working is a turning point because less people are getting on public transport.


You need listening in work because you need to be able to talk on meetings etc.

You need creativity to be able to let automation take over your work.

You need speaking to be able to do remote working because you will always need to talk on meetings.

You need problem solving for gig economy because lets say you have got furloughed in one job it would be a problem to slove.

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