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Hello my name is loyal_cymbals and I am reporting about the future of work. Experts are suggesting that the future of work could fall into one of three categorie. Gig econimie, Automation or Remote working. I think the most popular one would be Remote working. Remote working is doing work on line so over zoom calls for example.

Remote working might create problems because people might become lazy and antisocial. The way people could deal with this is when you have free time you could try and call a friend or meet up with them in a park just so you can catch up. Another problem about Remote working is that some people might not be able to do Remote working because some people might not own any technology or might not be able to afford it so they won't be able to work over calls, and if they can't even go into the office they will be out of work so they won't be able to work at all. This is a problem which I am not sure how they can solve. However, this could push people to create their own business and think whether they really enjoy the job they are doing.

Remote working can also bring opportunities as well because when Remote working you don't have to be in an office which means you can do it from your home which means that people can do that job from all over the world giving people more jobs. While this is good for people because they can get a job even if they live on the other side of the world this is also good for the whole company because if peoplie have that job in lots of different countries this could be great advertisement meaning that they could get even more people applying for the job and having more people working for that company so they can get more busines.

Some peoplet might think the pandemic as been a turning point for the future of work because people have not been able to work in offices due to the social distancing they have had to do Remote working, due to this they could employ more people as there is no limit. Remote working has already been happening before the pandemic had arrived but due to the pandemic Remote working has suddenly sped up and the people who can work from home are.

There are skills that people need to know when Remote working. These skills are listening. When doing Remote working you need to be good at listening because when on calls like zoom for example you can't always rely on your wifi so you need to sit still when on work calls and not get distracted. Another skill you need to have is problem solving because apps are quite hard to use sometimes so you need to solve how to use the app so you can do the work calls. The final skill that I think you need to have for Remote working is speaking. When doing Remote working because people are going to already find it hard to hear you if their wifi is bad but they will find it even harder if you are speaking really quietly.

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