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Hello, my name is Selina Ray and I work for the Economist newspaper. I will be talking about the future of work. There has been an increase in the Remote working and a decrease in the Gig economy. Automation has started to replace the human beings due to COVID 19. Automation is a way of work for the robots. Today we will be talking about the Remote working. Remote working is for people who can't work at their usual place and must work from home.


There could be problems for the Remote working system but there also could be opportunities for it. There could more problems than opportunities in the future.

Here are some of the problems that may occur throughout COVID 19's rein. First, looking at screen 24/7 could really damage your eyesight and be bad for your immune system. During lockdown most schools and social areas were closed. Their children could be a huge distraction to their parents. They could not concentrate on their work. Their boss could be dumping more work on their worker. But since the children are coming a distraction, they wouldn’t have time to catch up with the amount of work they have been given. They could be sacked for dropping behind on their job.


Here are some of the opportunities for that could occur doing COVID 19.

Everyday people usually drive to work or get on a bus, but little did they know that they were polluting the sky. Plus, they are using more and more fossil fuels. But if you are functioning from home you can’t poison the sky and still get your work done. Also, less of society will have to drive and maybe there will be less accidents on the road. For those who must wake up early and come home late, they won’t have to do that anymore. They can wake up at the time they want and still catch up with the work. They won’t lose sleep and miss time with their families. Plus 89% of people want to work from home and have a choice.


The effect of the pandemic is that when lockdown came, and everyone was told to stay at home and isolate. At the beginning nobody enjoyed it but after of few months people decided that it wasn’t that bad and that maybe it was for the best.


If people are to continue to work in the future, they will need to be self-motivated, flexible and independent because their colleagues and boss won’t be there to help them. Usually, there would be people around you to ask but since you’re at home you can’t communicate with your team.

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