The future of work

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The future of work

Hello,my name is Bob Jefferson and I work for the New York times today. I will be talking about automation and how it has advanced during the Corona virus pandemic.

There have been a lot of pros and cons about automation. The cons are people losing their jobs,robots being too expensive to make for small buisnesses and people will become homeless.

But the pros are that people can get a better pay in job and don't have to slave away in factories and farms.

How has the pandemic affected automation?

The pandemic has affected automation in a way that more people are using it, for example in supermarkets they are now making more self service checkouts and are only accepting credit cards.

Future skills that will be needed to maintain the automation movement

Future skills that will be needed would be how to build a robot or keep it running, people at the cashiers will be replaced by by people who can program and repair a robot. Humans will be taken out of their jobs at supermarkets eventually,and supermarkets will soon turn into big warehouses with a screen to choose what you would like.

For fast food takeway places, the chefs will be replaced by mini robots that can cook, package and deliver in a matter of minutes, and fast food restaurants will also change into big buildings with an ipad at the front where you choose your food.

Pound coins and notes will be no more and turned into virtual cash for robots. And people's wallets will be made into computer chips.

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