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Hi my name is outstanding_plum and I'm going to talk about the furture of work.Scientists think the future of work will fall under one of three catporgies gig economy, remote working or automation.I'm going to pick automation.Automation means in the future most job will be taken by machines.

Autonation will cause problems in the future because the robots will take people's jobs which will make them redundant and not able to work.People might adapt to this because they use the robots to help them.It might cause opportunities because people could start their own buisness and they could say NO to the robots.

Humans think it is a turning point because they have been able to work from home and it show s that it is quite easy .I think coronavirus would speed up automation because robots cannot catch covid-19 so they could take over the jobs.It might make employees jobs harder because their work willl be taken.

Speaking is an important skill because you can share your opinion and make your voice be heard.Creatvity is important because you have to create a job that will not be taken over by robots.Listening is an important skill because you learn things when you listen.Problem solving is an important skill because you use your comman sense and you solve the problems.

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