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Hello everyone, this is my final piece! I am so grateful towards everyone who clicked onto this post, taking their time to read it. Thank you! Now lets begin....

The Future of Work:

There are 3 main job groups, Gig Economy, Remote Working and Automation. In this paragraph, I will be explaining what these are and what they mean to the future of work. Lets start of with Remote Working, that is basically working at home on a laptop or any other electronic. As a result of the pandemic, many people are forced to stay at home and work there but others have a choice. If you are part of the Gig Economy, you don't have just one job and work in diifferent places at different times. Personally I think this is a really good idea because if one of your jobs close down (possibly because of the pandemic) you'll have other jobs to do and still earn money on a daily basis. Last but not least, Automation. You could guess by its name machines or robots are involved in this group. Machines are taking over jobs all around the country (for e.g, shopping assistants have been replaced by self checkout machines in many differnt super markets), by the next 11 years robots could take over 20 million of our jobs. 14 million of them could all be working in China alone.

Now I am going to interview a worker who is part of the remote working system:

Me: Good morning Sarah, how has it been working at home for the past couple of months?"

Sarah: "It has been wonderful! I can now look after my baby more and I get to spend some quality time with my family, oh I'm so happy! The only negative thing is, when I'm in Zoom meetings, there are many different problems, hearing for example I can really hear everyone. It would be much easier if I was in my office."

Sarah has some ups and downs working at home but I think she is mostly enjoying it!

I will now be questioning a worker who is part of the gig economy:

Me: Hello Mark, how has the pandemic affected your jobs?

Mark: "To be honest with you, it hasn't been great. Don't get me wrong, I know I have loads of jobs as I am part of the gig economy but many of them have either closed down for now permantly stopped."


I think automation is something we really need to focus on. As I said earlier, millions of our jobs will be taken over by robots in the next 11 years.This is horrible because alot of people are struggling to find jobs and when machines come it may be even harder. Automation is a big turning point for this as of course, machines cannnot get sick but humans do so replacing us would be very easy!

I am encouraging_mulberry and thanks for reading my final piece! <3

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