The future of work.

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Hello, my name is nice_lychee. In this report I will be discussing the future of work and how it will affect the world to come. There are three main economies and these are the gig economy (where people do jobs for multiple people), remote working (where people work using the assistance of technology to work from home, like I am writing this) and automation (where technology does all of the work). Though there are three economies, I will be focusing on the future of remote working.

Firstly, I think that the future of remote working may hold many problems:

  • due to working from home, you will not be able to see your friends or colleagues ending in isolation and depresion if you live on your own
  • you will not be getting out of the house to travel to work ending in fitness issues
  • offices will be empty and the shops in city squares will not have the people from the offices coming to their shops
  • there will be a lack of need for public transport for nobody will be using it to travel to their office
  • and office cleaners will lose their job as they do not have to clean the empty offices.

People might adapt to these problems by having a break from work to get out of the house to see friends and have a walk or run, people might also start to use the empty offices as homes for the homeless and there will be an increase in the electronic industries. Some possitives are that there will be less commuting and more family bonding, so we will have a lower carbon footprint because we will be traveling less.

Many people may consider the pandemic as a turning point for work, as now that we have all been working from home and using technology for a long time, we will do this more in the future. I think that the pandemic has sped up remote working as we needed to use it more of the time. For example my dad has remote worked for almost eight months.

Skills that are good to know for workers are knowing when to stop so you aren’t working for too long. Knowing how to program robots would be usefull because we might need robots in the future. Typing is another key skill to know for when you are remote working. Finally being able to ride a bike because if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and get active you need to know how to cycle.

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