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Hello, My name is Jaiden Holt and I want to explain what the future of work will be like. The gig economy might not be there for longer. It is more likely to be autimation as they are using it in essential shops but a the moment, it wont be used as of covid.


Teachers are quite flexible during Lockdown as they can post homework on social media fo kids and tutors can video chat and so on. They could adapt to this but they won't be used to not seeing there pupils.

How might this predicted change create problems in the future?

I don't think it will create problems is just that things aren't normal but it can be virtual as it may still work. Tutors don't come to your house anymore and that may be a problem but as I said, it can be done virtual.

How might this predicted change create opportunities in the future?

I think that people could advertize for tutors on social media as they could try to gain experience but as they are just starting, it won't be like they will come to homes and stuff like that. I think it won't be a problem for teachers beacuse the worry is that is lockdown comes, the grades won't be as good as it was before. Some people can also do there buisnesses from home and get it advertized so it won't be a problem.

Why do some people think the pandemic is a turning point for work?

Some jobs such as buisnessman could be afected by either working from home or just coming in your private offices.

I think it should stay that way and stop the spread.

Which skills are important for the future of work and why?

I think listening is a very important one because if you are not following the standrard policies for the pandemic, your company might get fined or something bad will happen

Thank you Jaiden Holt

You're welcome, this was interviewed by Vivacious_obeo, thanks for reading!!!

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