The future of work

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Hi, my name is grateful_bird and in this report I will be talking about the future of work. Remote working, the gig economy and automation are all predicted changes due to the current pandemic. Today I will be focusing on remote working, which is working outside of the traditional office or classroom environment.

Remote learning may cause problems in the future. One problem that may arise is that there is a lack of social interaction at home, which could cause mental health issues. Another problem of remote working is that there might be a lack of facilities at home. For example a family might only have one computer between 5 which would make it difficult for the family work.

Although, remote working could provide many opportunities for the future of work. One opportunity is that you could spend more time with your family, by working from home. Another opportunity is that, there would be no need to commute, which would save money.

The pandemic is a turning point for work because of multiple reasons, one of these being that many people have turned to online shopping due to not wanting to go out. This means that remote learning has accelerated due to the pandemic.

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