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My name is Polite_swan,I am reporting about the future of work.The three predicted changes are; Gig econmy , Remote working and Automation.

Remote working is where your not in the office but working from home or anywhere that's no in the office.It helps a lot because your company could be located in a different count,lets say America and you live in England you could still live in en but have a job in America.

On the other hand,Remote working could also be a problem because if you have an elec device the battery could die or your internet could crash.People might adapt these when they are on a device to keep checking their battery level every few min or so.This could open up opportunities because you don't have to have a special skills to do something but you can always learn with Remote working.

This has changed people working habits with how they are getting lazy more often because basically they are only just walking from like bed to a chair and sit there for hours every day.Covid has speed down with remote working Becpause people are not travelling from place to place but actually saving more money at the same time.

Workers should have good listening skills because you will learn more when you listen and take opinons into your own hands/ my opinion Remote working shows the most creativity.

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