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Hello I am hardworking_apple and this is my final piece where I interview other people and ask them what do they think will happen for the future of work.

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Good morning everyone, today on CCB I have gone around town and asked many people about what they think will happen with the future of work. I also asked them which choice they would rather for the future, gig economy (doing multiple jobs) automation (using Artificial Intelligence for low skilled and easy jobs) and remote working(working from home). The first person I am going to talk is Samuel Hunter.

Me: Good morning Samuel I hope your day is going well. I would like to ask you what do you think will happen with the future of work? D you think that remote working, automation, or gig economy will help our future. How do you think the pandemic will affect jobs?

Samuel Hunter: Good day matey! I think that the thing to help our future is gig economy. I think it will help everybody and finally let us have some spare time. Sometimes we all just want a change in our job and gig economy provides that. I just think that it is better for our future. We also sometimes just want a break to see our kids and family.

Me: I totally understand what you are saying but some people said that they would rather have a stable job however with gig economy your job is always changing. Do you think this is a problem?

Samuel Hunter: I totally understand why people may think this. However I just think it would be better if we did have a change. Yes I know it wont always be stable but you can earn more money spmetimes with other jobs and you can also take a break of. If you are sick you can stay home. I feel like gig economy gives many advantages but I do understand some problems.

Me: Thank you very much for talking with us. It has been a pleasure talking with you I think you have proved your point very well thankyou.

Hello I am back, so as we can see Samuel definetley prefers gig economy from all the others. What do you think of the gig economy let us know on the CCB website. Now I have found someboday who disagrees with Samuel let us see what she has to say.

Me: Hello Margret we have heard that you dislike gig economy why is this? What are the problems for you?

Margret Hannah: Yes that is correct I dislike gig economy for many reasons. You never have a stable job or a stable amount of money. Also some jobs you have to be ready 24/7 for example an ambulance of doctor. Also some people expect you to be doing your job when you need to.

Me: But there are some good things are there not? Some things are on the positive side right?

Margret Hannah: I totally understand that some of it is positive but I just feel like it is to stressful and chaotic. It is just to much for everybody to start doing it. But it is an ok option. I just finds it to busy and stressful and overall to much pressure.

Me: Well there you have ladies and gents two different sides of an argument. Whos side are you on? What do you prefer gig economy, automation, remote working?

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