The future of work

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Hi,my name is spectacular_beaver. Today our news report is about the future of work, we are focusing on remote working. If you didnt know there are three predicted changes for the future of work, the gig economy, automation and remote working we are focusing on remote working. This means working from home more oftenamd stuff like that .

The remote working change mght make people more lazy amd make people stay indoors all day when really they should be going out for exercise. We could solve this by making a rule that you have to go outdoors at les=ast once a dy for 10 mins . More people will get jobs like office jobs and choose to work from home.

The future of work is changing because people are working from home alot more apart from the key workers . This might slow stuff diwn because the key workers might get COVID-19 amd they will have to isolate and then there will be less doctors

the listening skill id important because they will have to listen in meetings. The speaking skill is important because they will have to have their say in meetings. you will need to solve problems in meetings and also be very creative ti decide something for your bussiness

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