The future of work.

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Hello, my name is jubilant dinosaur and I will be discussing the future of work, focussing on automation. I predict that automation may be the best soloution to remote working.

The reason that I think this is because instead of remote working-which some people may have found hard to complete-robots could work in our places, reducing the amount of Covid infections. This may create oppourtunities for people studying at University, because they could help and practice to design the robots. This also may create problems because the robots may take ages to build, and when finnaly built could have a fault, which causes the whole system to stop, delaying jobs that needed to be done on set dates. In addition to this you would then finally need to reconstruct them all over again.

Some people think that the pandemic is a turning point for work because of the way it changed jobs completely, such as shops having to do online deliveries, and people having to work from home. This may slow down the process of turning to automation because of social distancing rules that would make it hard for people to work together on a robot building project.

It would be important for people to change to automation, because as we travel on in time, we are using more and more technology, and this would make it important for people to have the skill to build automations, so that they have the skills for the future.

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