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Hello, my name is spontaneous_maths and today I will be your news reporter. In this report I will be talking about how we predict what impact the pandemic might have on the future of work. There are three predicted changes for the future of work [ gig economy, remote working and automation ]. Today we will be focusing on remote working. Remote working is when you work from the comfort of your home.

Unfortunately remote working can create some problems.

For Example:

You may not be able to afford the devices you need [ computer, phone, tablet, laptop etc ] This will then mean you might miss out on working. If that happens you won't be payed to pay for food, essentials,bills, internet and softwares.

But there is also a good side to remote working. I think the best thing is that you DON'T have to travel! There are other benefits as well, such as:

. Spending more time with your family [ as all you have to do when your finished is turn of your device instead of journey home]

. Listening to work while taking care of your children or child

. If you travel by car you don't waste petrol

. You save money you use for transport

Some people think the pandemic has been a turning point for work. Here are some reasons.

. Have to work at home

. You may be lonely

. Can't work at home

The pandemic has affected gig economy, remote working and automation because businesses is quiet and corona has made the economic growth very slow. There is not much going on in the world. Many companies have shut-down because of the pandemic.

There are four important skills that workers need to have [ listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity ].


You need to be able to listen to your colleagues and take their advice as feedback or just new learning.


Speaking is necessary because then you can share your ideas and thoughts.

Problem solving:

Problem solving is required for a worker since you need to be capable of solving problems responsibly.


Creativity is essential to a worker as you have to be creative and use your imagination.

These four skills are crucial to workers and are needed.

Thanks for reading. I put a lot of effort into this report so I hope you like it!


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