The future of work

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The future of work

I will be telling you about the future of work of wich there are 3 kinds gigaconemy remote working and atumation I will be talking about autumation.

Section two

A problem with atumation is the robots do every thingwe get lazay and they will dominate the intire planet with in seconds or they could get hacked and go outof control. A way to stop these are build loads of fire walls to stop hackers the second thing is dont always ruly on robots do things yourself.

Section three

The pandemic covid19 is when we need atumation the most it helps do things we cant do now for example Amazon they have robots that can pacage things and bring suff out of the wearhouses.the virus does nothing to atumation it acutualy speeds it up because thier robots they cant get ill.

Section four

The abality dto do thibgs atumated is very important if we are bisy robots can do it. they

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