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Hello, I am Austin Anderson and today I will report about the future of work will be. We have gathered up information about the three most likely outcomes for the future of work. These are the gig economy, remote working and automation. Today I will focus on automation, as it is would create more opportunities for people. Now what does automation actually mean? Automation is when a human worker is replaced with a robot.

Many people like the idea of automation but it can and probably will cause its fair share of problems. People could lose their jobs and become poor or the robots could malfunction. There could be some opportunities that could come out of this, though. There could be somebody who watches the robots to check if they malfunction and repair them, which creates a whole new job. Or suppose somebody didn't like their job and got replaced. They could finally find a new fitting job. Also, the robots don't need to be payed and they don't take days off or do shifts.

Now we interview some workers.

"How has the pandemic affected your supermarket?"

"Well, me and my brother used to run a supermarket in our local street. But my brother has been very sick lately and I've been working by myself. I wish the government would do something to help small buisnesses like mine."

I'm very sorry to hear that, but do you believe this pandemic will end?"

" If everyone obliges to the governments rules to keep us all safe, and we all social distance, wash hands regularly and quarantine when we need to, we could definitely beat the virus"

Now back to me, we're going to look at four good skills for an ideal worker. It's important to have these four skills, listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity because if you got a problem you can be creative and think of a solution or you could communicate to somebody for help. The most important out of thhese skills are these two: problem solving, because there's going to be a lot of challenging problems in the future that people will have to face and creativity because lets say you work in a toy factory and you'd been thinking for ages. ''What should the next toy be?'' That's where creativity comes to play because you're always making new creations and constantly brainstorming.

Well there folks, that's the end of todays broadcast, tommorrow we will be talking about a possible vaccine for COVID19, I'm Austin Anderson and I'll see you tommorrow.

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  • wise_rainforest | Whyteleafe School D
    14 Dec 2020

    I like the idea of remote working more than automation because imagine if you were eating something made by a robot, even when the robot has malfunctioned. It could be incredibly serious and lead to loads of illnesses.
    Also, remote working would mean that less money you need to pay for travel, and more spaces for wildlife to grow in places like London.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      wise_rainforest's comment 14 Dec 2020

      Do you think a human chef could make mistakes too, wise_rainforest?

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      1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School
        Katie @ the BNC's comment 14 Dec 2020

        Sorry Katie I know this question isn't for my but If i can i'd love to answer your question!
        I think that human chefs can do the same mistake if to what a robot does because.
        1.Humans can poison food and so can robots
        Humans can poison food by putting all sorts of things in the food which someone can be allergic to or they might not like that type of food the same things with robots there metal or what ever material there made out of that little piece could end up falling into the food or somehow ending up in the costumers food.
        2.burning the food
        Humans tend to burn food alot in kitchens because maybe there under pressure or that they need to hurry up but how much more robots.
        robots are constructed in such a way that they mimic the human body, so they use actuators that perform like muscles and joints, though with a different structure.
        Robots are pretty much like us humans but are made out of different materials and could be more clever then us.
        Hope yu agree katie!

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      2. wise_rainforest | Whyteleafe School D
        Katie @ the BNC's comment 15 Dec 2020

        Yes; but if it made a mistake it would know and learn from it, however a malfunctioned robot would not realise that it was making a mistake so it would do it over and over.

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