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Hello everyone,it’s clever_forest here! I am here to tell you about the future of work.In this report,I will mainly be telling you about gig economy work.

Let's talk about the three types of work,remote working,gig economy and automation.Remote working is when you do work online like nowadays because of Covid 19.Gig economy is when people work(such as cleaning) in other people’s houses.Lastly,automation means using automatic equipment like cash registers.

Now,I will be telling you about the gig economy.Gig economy is not safe anymore due to Covid 19.People that work in other people’s houses will be probably needing another job because if they still work for that person,then they will be spreading germs and will be touching things that the person touched alot. So,it would be best to be safe and look for another job or just stay home until Covid 19 is over.

Ways to be safe is to put on gloves while you work.This will prevent you from touching stuff that the person has touched alot.Secondly,you could use hand sanitiser and put on news cloths(if you work for multiple houses).Lastly,you could wear a face mask or a face shield while working.All those things will keep you safe.

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