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Hi I'm delightful_effort and I will be interviewing some people about the turning point of automation.

Who are you and can you give the denifition of automation?

''Good afternoon!'' ''I am John Austin and I'm 36 years old.'' ''Automation is when robots are used to do jobs humans normally perform.''

That's correct Austin! How do you think automation could create problems in the future?

''Well, I think that having automation could decrease job employment and put people out of work.'' ''Also,if you think about it, humans are much more smarter than robots because robots can't really think for themeselves and they can't do something they aren't programmed to do.'' ''I also think that robots could easily make a mistake and if they do, it can lead to bad outcome for the whole company.'' ''I really do think that robots need a little bit of human touch because it will be really difficult for them to do jobs that require emotions like social workers and doctors.''

Those are some really good points but how do you think we can adapt to solve these problems?

''Hm...I don't really know but I guess we could keep training of the use of these machines?'' ''And to create more job opportunities, humans can train on jobs that robots aren't able to do.''

Who are you and what is automation?

''Hi!'' ''I am Lyric Violet and I am 26 years old.'' ''Hm.. I think automation is when machines do tasks instead of humans.''

You are 100% correct! Automation is exactly that but how do you think robots could create opportunities in the future?

''Obviously if robots take over our jobs, humans can spend more time with their friends and family.'' ''Another positive thing about robots, is that we can send them to do deadly tasks in a dangerous environment when humans cannot for example we cannot go underwater, in extreme heat or wind or even in space without using equipment.'' ''I don't know if you will agree with me but I feel like robots can increase productivity which means they can do things more faster.''

I totally agree with you! Can u explain how the pandemic is a turning point for work though?

''The pandemic has given people alot of opportunites to work at home while some others have lost their jobs because they had to shut down their businesses like airoplane workers.'' ''The pandemic has also affected the payment.'' ''In some shops, they even have to do contactless payment.''

Who are you and can you explain what automation is?

''Good afternoon delightful_effort!'' ''I am Nick Thomas and I am 48 years old.'' ''I am delighted to be interviewed about autmation.'' Automation is when we use robots to do a peice of work that is undertaken.''

That is a very good explaination! Do you think the pandemic is making automation slow down/ speed up/ happen more already/ make it more difficult.

''I really do think it is happening alot more already.'' They are using robots alot in resturants to deliver food to the customers. Another example is that people use robots in hospitals to deliver things to the Covid-19 patients like food.

Who are you and why is speaking, listening, creativity and problem-solving vital in a work place?

''I am Emily Olivia and I am 40 years old.'' '' I think they are all important because we need speaking and listening in a working environment because it is a part of communication.'' '' It allows people to interact with eachother and it helps us operate as a team.'' ''Problem solving and Creativity is essential to a work place because if you have those skils, it will help you tackle sudden, unexpected problems there.''

Thank you so much everyone for taking part in my interview about automation!

No problem! - John Austin

The pleasure is all mine! - Lyric Violet

Don't mention it!- Nick Thomas

You are welcome - Emily Olivia

Thanks for reading!

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