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Hello, my name is wondrous_orca. My report is based on a prediction of what the future of work will appear like for all workers.

There are three economies: gig economy, remote working and automation. Gig economy is when you do a work physically. Remote working is when you use a computer, laptop or any device to work. Automation is when robots do the work that humans normally do. Within this report, I will focus on automation and explain what it will look like in the future. First of all, I think that robots will have a sudden growth in number and humans will work less. This leads to the point that humans will start to become lazy and jobless. Secondly, I believe that industries will hire robots to do all the work. However, the machines are less reliable than humans and should not be trusted; one could malfunction and lead to disaster. Also, humans will meet less people so they will interact less. If I had a robot for a teacher, it just won’t feel right because it won’t show the sympathy and understanding that a human would show. Also, without connecting with people, we will feel lonely because we have no friends. It helps our mental health and decreases stress. Because of this, a lot of people could be replaced by robots so they will lose their jobs.Some people will have to get new jobs to make a living. A benefit is that there will be a larger scale of products made in a shorter period of time. This means that companies will be benefited because there will be more to provide to consumers so more consumers will buy the products.

The pandemic is a turning point of work because of multiple reasons. Firstly, people have to keep a distance so some jobs cannot be done. For example, if you have to call a plumber, you will have to keep a distance; maybe they might touch something that was yours. This is why some people give tutorials. Also, some shops have closed which has led to much more online shopping. This is why companies, like Amazon, have benefitted. These are all reasons for more use of remote working. I believe that the pandemic could accelerate automation because we need less contacts between humans. With robots doing all the work, humans won’t have a reason to leave their houses and touch anything. They are also vulnerable to the virus, unlike robots.

I think these skills are important because workers will have to adapt and stay current so that they can make an effect.

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  • Evelyn-Street-logo-250x250.jpg composed_pie | Evelyn Street Primary School B
    16 Dec 2020

    This is very well presented and I totally agree with everything that was said here and it’s definitely a struggle now when everyone’s going online to shop . Also places like sofa shops now are on delays with fabrics because it used to take about 4 weeks to get a sofa where as now it takes 16 weeks but I would recommend not to buy one yet because the shop may go busted and you won’t get a refund because the shop can’t afford to pay you back . Now when you were explaining how plumbers must keep a distance when doing there job it’s the same for many places and when it comes to a care worker it must be hard because they will be coming to your house helping you out and getting what you need but there probably going to touch a lot of your stuff while doing that .

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      composed_pie's comment 17 Dec 2020

      Very good listening skills on show here, composed_pie!

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