The future of work

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The future of work

Hello this is Content_Eagle and I am going to tell you all about the future of work and gig, economy and automation which I will be focusing on the most,

Part 1 of the report.

So first let’s go see some predicted changes, let's start at gig economy. Gig economy may not be around in the future. Yes it’s a lot more productive but it’s just not fit for the future of work in my opinion. Second, automation. Automation in the future will probably be a much larger job type. In my opinion I think that automation has a lot more opportunity than other jobs as in the future there will be better robots to run the automation. Finally remote working, this one has many opportunities and I think in the future it will kind of become the gig economy of work. It will be overshadowed by automation but it will still have its advantages.

Focus on automation starts here.

I'm going to focus on automation now as I think it will be the most changed. In the future automation now may just be in its first stages, as automation is a job type with many opportunities and advantages over the other job types, gig and remote. But it still can’t be the best as they have their advantages too,

Part 2 of the report.

This predicted change may have a few problems though for the future. This is because robots get given minds. If they have independent minds, they will want rights. If we learn how to control their minds and keep it that way we may be safe but there won’t be going forward then. So in the future there is no other choice but to give them their rights!

People may adapt to help solve those problems by just giving them rights. Or the other choice to find a way to get forward through controlling them. An idea could be to have robots controlled by a human for a bit or a command center to keep them in check.

This could create many opportunities as it will help make work much quicker and give people much more family time and time to restore the peace and nature to the world so we won’t be too busy doing work in our lives and instead having social time with friends and families and when it does come to work, happiness!

Part 3 of the report.

The pandemic may be a turning point for work as it shows that people can make a good business and that local sainburys may not be the best and that smaller businesses could take over and make shops less global and a larger variety of shops.

The pandemic may make the predicted change with advantages. This pandemic is keeping people at home and also making the cure much slower than if we could go in a large group. This would make the pandemic go much faster as robots could experiment with scientists controlling them. This would be very useful and allow people to work in large groups or even have robots create the cure. In every way I could think of this change will be changed with the pandemic. Another thing that is useful about robots is that they don’t get diseases. That would add to my point of why the pandemic would go so much faster if that change was today.

Part four of report.

The skill of invention and innovation is so amazing and such a good skill to have. Let your imagination run wild and you could be a scientist breaking the boundaries of science!

The skills for the future that are important are innovation, and imagination. They help you so much. Innovation allows new things to be created while imagination makes those ideas. The skills are just so important for the future of work and if we want to make automation go to a new level!

Thank you for reading my report. I put a lot of hard work into this, goodbye!

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