The future of work

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The future of work

Hi, I'm discreet_drum and I am doing this report which is about turning points of remote working.

Remote working is basically when you work from home on your laptop/computer instead of travelling to work to an office where you usually work.

Firstly, I would like to say that even if your parents/family members work from home in their own comfort place and with proper facilities, it dosen't mean that everyone is doing good work or well enough work.

Some people are forced to work from home (due to Covid) with no proper facilities set up at home, maybe because they can't afford it or they don't have the space for it. If they are in this situation, this affects them hugely, for example, due to not having a laptop/computer means they can't work so they won't get any money to help them pay bills, buy food and essentials. To be honest,I believe that some people (even the ones who can't afford proper facilities) are lucky to work from home because very few companies give new, old and used laptops/computers for them to use, in case they can't afford it or if they don't have one already.

Many people think that robots will take over all of the jobs that humans are now doing, I too believe this for we've already improved our world a lot by building many modern buildings and by using technology to upgrade our ways of working, but I don't believe that robots will take over ALL the jobs, just the ones that will need boosting up more than the other jobs. Such as, administration back office jobs, where a robot machine can do a job of 5 people, same goes for engineering. This will really turn those jobs around for they will be quicker, easier and better. it will be good business expansion for companies but also on the down side more humans will be out of jobs, if robots are taking over and running a good job of it!

If you are remote working, then the skills problem-solving, listening, speaking and being open-minded are very important. You can achieve this by video calling your work colleagues and managers for updates, meetings and feedback on new and latest information related to your work.

problem-solving; If there is a problem to do with your work or someone else's try to solve it quickly or you might miss out on something, you never know!

Listening; always listen to your manager/co-workers for it might be important, you don't think your boss will just let you sit there doing the wrong thing, do you.....?

speaking; if you've got something to say, never hide, come forward and speak up.

open-minded; always think broadly and think outisde the basic possibilities before you make the wrong desicion


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