The future of work

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My name is idealistic blueberry and this report is about remote working. Remote working is where you work from home instead of being at your work building.

Remote working may create some problems such as losing your job or not getting enough money.This would lead to many un implored people.

However Remote working can bring some opportunities like feeling safe at home from Covid 19 or if you work well at home you may get a promotion.

Some people think the pandemic is a turning point of work because it is all different by working at home .The pandemic will most likely make more people use remote working because if covid get‘s any stronger then more people will stay at home meaning with some jobs people will have to work from home.

Listening , speaking , problem solving and creativity are important for a worker to have because they will need to listen to their boss they will have to ask questions solve problems in work and sometimes they will have to improvis.

In the future of work workers will need to listen and solve problems. They will need to listen so they know what to do.They will need problem solving to get through this hard pandemic.

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