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Hello my name is agreeable_nature. I am talking about the future of work remote working, gig economy and automation I am going to talk about remote working and how it’s helpful for the future and also now and how it can cause problems, fix problems and how it’s a good the people that use it the most ( the people that choose to work from home to stay safe )

Using raw WiFi it can cause multiple problems more like not having WiFi, WiFi problems, also not having the correct devices for it. We can solve these problems by the work place that the person works at can give the for device for the matter of time ( laptop any tablet ) to the people that don’t have the correct device or while their having problems. It can really help people that don’t have the stuff. Maybe it could also change the future from if you can’t get to work or you are sick this could help a lot from just changing a tiny bit it could change a lot.

This remote working is very important to the future an also to people because if remote working wasent a thing I don’t thiin we would have all the stuff we have now more people use this to stay safe at home and have a less risk of getting the virus then having a high chance .

It it is also much faster to compare eriting on a device compared to writing on paper it will look more neat I’d you print it out it doesn’t ache your hands when you type on a laptop or ipad but it will ache if you carry on writing for a long time.

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