The changes of work

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Hello I’m clever_peak and today I will be reporting on the changes of work in the future. The three predicted changes are gig economy, remote working and automation. I will be focusing on automation for this post.


There can be many problems with automation as robots can’t do many things humans can. This also costs people their jobs which would be tragic for anyone. This can cause lonelness as some people live alone and would be sad to see that there is no one to talk to.


The opertunitys would be to program robots to do thing ps humans can’t leaving people with their jobs also if robots took certain jobs people would have a chance to explore new things to try. For lonely people it would be nice to socialise with others.

Turning point?

For automation this could be a turning point as the pandemic would not affect automation as they can't catch covid nether spread it.They would not have to stop either.

The pandemic can affect automation as you would not be a able to get as many people to fix or start them .


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