Should you retire earlier?

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A lot of the time, people will want to retire earlier. But should they be doing this. Is this the right think to do?

Yes, you should retire early.

A reason for others to retire early is that you can sleep later, get out into the fresh air and sunshine and no more rushing meals if you are late. Surely this is a much healthier way. Also, you can spend time with your kids and supporting them too. Another reason is that you can travel more. Once you're no longer limited to the same two weeks/25 days a year vacation, the more fun you can have. Plus, the earlier you retire, the more years you will spend with your family before you are to old to get out the house. Age matters because you are soon out of touch when you are 60 of what is going on in the world. Also, when you retire you are saving jobs for younger people so they can build their life around it. If you dream of switching cities or starting your own business, sooner may be better than later. You'll be a more conivncing job candidate to many employers the more years you have ahead of you. Normally, I feel that bosses are the older generation so if you retire earlier, then you have more freedom of running your job for longer. i

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