Should work be compulsory?

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Should work be compulsory?

Today I will be writing a post about whether work should be compulsory.

Would there be enough jobs?

I don't think there would be enough jobs because if everyone worked there wouldn't be enough people to create new jobs for everyone to work. But someone could create a job where you create more jobs which, would solve this problem. Although this would be very hard because then there would be the same people running loads of businesses and that would cause a lot of problems. Also, this would put a lot of pressure on the Prime Misnister because he would have to manage all of the jobs in his/hers country.

Would people have any spare time?

If everyone had to work I don't think people would have any spare time because you would have to work which means, that you couldn't take days off or anything! Although, some jobs only require for you to work certain hours people would have spare time to be with family and friends. Adding on to that, you would have spare time if you had a job that only required certain hours because you couldn't have two jobs to fill your time, they would all be taken if everyone had to work.

Would we produce to many products?

I think we probably would make to many products because if everyone worked then there would probably be a lot of manufacturers in the world constantly making more products. I am sure in a couple of weeks of everyone working there would be way to many products for everyone. This would then lead to over supply and people not needing to work anymore because we would have too many products.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this intersting!

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