Should everybody be paid the same?

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There has always been a arguement whether or not everybody should be paid the same. Do you agree or do you think that it is fair anyway?

Everybody should be paid the same.

Everybody should be paid the same because the money protects people as they will get left behind when the money increases. This means that they will struggle to get the resources they need in their everyday lives when taxes rise up. Also, this means that people will know all buisnessess are important to the goverment not just the wellpaid ones. That will make a stable economy in all areas e.g shipping, banks, schools...

Finally, it will help people to stop committing crime or stealing from the rich as they feel life is unfair and can't they just replace it with the money they have anyway?

People can be paid differently.

People should be paid differently as it is not fair if someone who ruins their life and does something that is not useful is compared to a person who works Saturday, Sunday and late in the afternoon in the weekdays too. This will lead to not the best people in jobs as people would feel they move to the big jobs for the money. But if they knew that they had a better job that they understood more, and it used to have a lower salary then the current job they have, they would move back to it.

My opinion.

I think that people should be paid differently as what is the point of teachers teaching the students if twenty years later they could work as a binperson. We need eductation to teach the future of our students and that will help them by conting out the change when going to the shop for a example. We would struggle to read and before we know it the world would turn into chaos as STOP signs and Digging in process or so on. We need to keep reading!

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  • wise_rainforest | Whyteleafe School D
    16 Nov 2020

    I think people should be paid the same when they work the same amount of time and put the same amount of effort into there jobs because there are a lot of people in the world right now so it is hard to get a good job.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School
    16 Nov 2020

    Hi there, This was a really good post storytelling_ king but
    I disagree with you not all jobs should be paid the same because I’m my mummy’s opinion
    She says that not all jobs should be paid the same because it not fair on others
    That do alll the work and the lazy people don’t do anything and they still get paid they same amount of money
    Secondly, some jobs require good skill and some jobs don’t require that many good skills
    If you wanted a job that, requires good skill they will need like your passport or something that shows evidence that you will be good for that job but if you want a job that doesn’t require good skill they will probably take like a passport or something that not that relevant as to what a good-skilled job earn
    Hope you agree with me

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  • Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg accomplished_reality | Faringdon Community College
    18 Nov 2020

    In my opinion, all different types of people should be paid the same for the same job. For instance: A black person should be paid the same as a white person and a woman should be paid the same as a man. However, for different jobs, obviously people should be paid differently. A lorry driver shouldn't be paid as much as a lawyer should they? It could be argued that maybe a lorry drivers job is more boring and therefore should be paid more but actually the job of a lawyer is tough to.

    But unfortunately, people try to avoid this in many ways. For instance, a man gets paid x amount for working 7 hours and a woman gets paid a very similar amount for working 8 hours. So how may you solve it, you may ask? Well I have a solution. My solution is that there is some sort of equation put in place for each job. There would be an individual equation for each job. This would basically consist of X amount of money per hour for everyone. Companies should be responsible of making sure these calculations are made and there could be a consequence for not doing this. I think the lack of equal pay in the UK is outrageous. We should try our hardest to make this happen.

    Thanks for reading,

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School giving_tamarind | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    23 Nov 2020

    No because I fell like if you hade a dog walker they would get paid less and than a teacher because a teacher helps people.

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  • easygoing_clarinet | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    well if you have the same job then you should get the same amount of money because some women get less money than men and its unfair but if u were a babysitter you should get less money than someone at the bank because working at a bank is more harder and you have to be smart to be able to work there

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  • candid_queen | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    we should all be paid the same because some people can afford as much because they don't get paid the same whist there is people out the who has so much money to wast but there are people who cant afford food so they need it more

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  • trusting_memory | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    No because some people have harder and longer jobs so they should get rewarded with a bigger payment. Lots of jobs are to help others and educate children around the world so they have a successful future. So these people that help others and work hard should get a fair amount of money.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School glad_didgeridoo | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    Personally I think everyone should be paid the same depending on there job.

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  • global-conversation.png diplomatic_brain | Ras Beirut Secondary Public School | Lebanon
    15 Apr 2021

    In my opinion, people with same jobs and work should be paid the same depending on how much time and effort they put in their work. On the otherhand, people that are well educated with high qualifications should be paid more since they have difficult and complicated jobs to work on in my opinion.
    From diplomatic_brain

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